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ALL Rent Increase Requests are to be submitted 90 Days in advance of your Tenants Section 8 anniversary date.

When you email me your Rent Increase Request. Please ask for a "confirmation of receipt" when you send your email, if you would like to make sure that I have received your request.

In order for our caseworkers to best conduct rent studies, please go to our website and select the Rent Increase Request form and check off the correct amenities that will be beneficial.

Also, please note that once I receive your email, I DO NOT need another copy. If you send your request through email, please do not Fax, send regular mail, or certified mail. Trying to SAVE paper!

Thank you,


Ashly Hospital

Administrative Assistant

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program

Phone # (201) 706-4694

Fax # (551) 256-7736/ (551) 256-7737


Welcome to the 

Jersey City Housing Authority

Partner Portal!

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Section 8 Program has implemented this Partner Portal as a secure, web-based tool, in an effort to better serve their partnering owners and managers.  This portal allows owners and managers access to status information about Section 8 properties currently under contract with the PHA.